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A repressed and uptight socialite, Rebecca (beautiful and gifted actress Barbara Niven) lives a perfect, pointless life. She is the ideal wife to her husband (John Heard) and mother to her three children. Rebecca also has a very unusual secret, one that not even her best friends know about. The last person on earth she expects to reveal it to is a high priced escort named Paris (stunning Jessica Clark).

Rebecca could never have known that through Paris, she would discover answers she's been searching for her entire life. Her journey from perfect control to unbridled passion allows Rebecca not only to reclaim worthless years, but to redeem and vindicate painful regrets. Raw, evocative and often humorous, "A Perfect Ending" explores one woman's struggle to find what moves her and asks: Without passion, what's the point?

Our Incredible Supporting Cast

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Quotes from our screenings:

"Barbara Niven deserves accolades for her stunning, compelling performance in A Perfect Ending." - R. E. Bradshaw

"The love scenes are truly a work of art - this is the perfect date night movie." - Jennifer S.

"Jessica Clark is not to be missed in this extraordinary and complex film. Along with veteran Barbara Niven (who is now one of my heroes) they weave a story you'll never forget." - Kimberly B.

"The kind of story that draws you in, makes your heart ache, race and sing all at the same time. Please don't let this movie end..." - Sue C.

"Barbara Niven is amazing - I've only seen her in Lifetime movies and had no idea what a phenomenal actress she is - an award worthy performance!" - Jonathan B.

"Authentic and compelling, uniquely intriguing and unabashedly hot!" - Barbara S.

"This is such a wonderful story - not only are the two leads amazing, John Heard and Morgan Fairchild (more stunning than ever) are so good in their supporting roles." - Candace B.

"Newcomer Jessica Clark is going to be a huge star - she absolutely lights up the screen - truly one of the most charismatic faces I've seen in a long time." - Leslie M.

"I can't tell you how proud I am to be one of the donors that made this film possible - I LOVE OUR MOVIE!" - Marissa V.

"Not your usual lesbian movie. Makes you think til the very end, and the ending is perfect. Jessica and Barbara are sensual together." - Carla S.




Barbara Niven : Rebecca Marina Rice Bader : Executive Producer
Jessica Clark : Paris Nicole Conn : Writer/Director/Editor
John Heard : Mason Janelle Eagle : Producer
Morgan Fairchild : Valentina Topher Miller : Producer
Kerry Knuppe : Jessica Tal Lazar : Director of Photography
Imelda Corcoran : Kelly Stephen Ridley : Composer
Mary Wells : Shirin Bob Fowler : Additional Music
Rebecca Staab : Sylvie    
Michael Adam Hamilton : Aaron    
Bryan Jackson : Hank    
Gloria Gifford : Sharon    
Cathy DeBuono : Dawn    
Marc Crumpton : Jared    
Lauryn Nicole Hamilton : Janice    
Gary Weeks : Dr. Hunter   
LeeAnne Matusek : Megan    
Erika Schiff : Ella